ASL Interpreters

ASL Interpreters Available Upon Request

On an "upon request" basis, Saint Paul Area Intergroup will provide ASL interpreting at Intergroup Council meetings and all Saint Paul Intergroup events open to the public.  This does not include events offered by AA groups or Alano clubs that are in the Saint Paul area, but not offered by Saint Paul Area Intergroup.

When And How To Request An Interpreter

In this policy, "upon request" will mean that a deaf AA member must request an ASL interpreter for each individual event; an ASL interpreter will not be provided on an on-going basis.  It is suggested that request be made six weeks to two weeks before the event; if the request is made less than two weeks prior to the event, an interpreter cannot be guaranteed.  Requests should be made to the office staff by phone, in-person, by email, or written letter.


Cancellation should be made at least 48 hours before the event.  If an individual requests an ASL interpreter for an event, and no ASL user attends the event, and no notice is provided to the Intergroup office or the members of the Board of Directors, the individual who made the request may be barred from requesting an ASL interpreter at future events for a six (6) month period.

Approved by the Board of Directors, 26 April 2011