This page contains statistical information only and does not include any MIA meetings.  If you are trying to find a meeting to attend, please use the Meeting Directory.


Count of meetings by service attributes.  These meetings are not totaled because meetings may have one or more of these attributes associated with them.

Name Directory
Description Count
ASLAIAmerican Sign Language interpreter provided1
CandlelightCAMeeting is held in the dark by candlelight8
ChildcareCCChildcare available13
Dual DiagnosisDDDual diagnosis occurs when someone has both a mental disorder and an alcohol problem1
LGBTQ+GLLesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, Queer/Questioning8
AccessibleHAHandicapped/Wheelchair accessible251
Scent freeSFPlease no perfume, cologne or scented products2
SpanishSPMeeting is conducted in the Spanish language. No English is spoken47
SuspendedTCPhysical meeting temporarily suspended. May be meeting virtually.54
VirtualVIVirtual, online, or conference call meeting130