Intergroup Council

Annual Elections

Every year in November at the Intergroup council meeting five positions are elected to the Intergroup Board of Directors.  Nominations for these positions are taken at the October meeting and before the voting begins at the November meeting.

Interested candidates should prepare and bring 25 copies of a service resume which lists: their name (First and last initial), their date of sobriety, their education, their special occupational qualifications which are relevant to the position they are seeking, their AA background (previous service work), and their current and past volunteer activities outside of AA which are relevant.

Requirements for all these positions are:

  • Maintenance of continuous sobriety while serving.
  • Attendance at the monthly Intergroup Board meeting.
  • Attendance at the monthly Intergroup Council meeting.
  • Attendance at any meetings for committees (Finance, Events, Outreach, etc.) on which you serve.
  • Attendance at and participation in Intergroup events.

Additional officer requirements

  • Three years of continuous sobriety on or before January 1st of the year you will begin serving.  The officers are Alternate Chair, Secretary, and Alternate Treasurer.

Additional director requirements

  • Two years of continuous sobriety on or before January 1st of the year you will begin serving, and maintenance of continuous sobriety while serving.  The members-at-large are directors.

The positions annually elected are:

  • Member-at-large (2 Positions)
    Each is a two-year position.
  • Secretary
    One-year position.  Specific duties include taking minutes at all Intergroup Council and Board meetings.  Documenting the minutes and forwarding them to the office for publishing in the Lifeline and on the web.  Access to a computer is useful but not necessary.
  • Alternate Treasurer
    Two-year position.  One year as Alternate Treasurer and one year as Treasurer.  Specific duties include oversight of intergroup finances, preparing financial statements and serving on the finance committee.  Experience with QuickBooks is extremely helpful.
  • Alternate Chair
    Three-year position.  One year as Alternate Chair, one year as Chair, and one year as Advisor to the Board.  Specific duties include presiding over meetings when the chair is not present.

For additional information, please consult the bylaws or contact the office if you have any questions.