What is intergroup?

How is Intergroup supported?

In keeping with the Seventh of the Twelve Traditions (self support), Intergroup is largely supported by financial contributions from AA groups and individual members.  A small portion of its revenue is derived from the sale of AA Conference-approved literature, meeting directories, and pins and medallions.

Group Contributions: Groups are encouraged to make regular contributions to Intergroup.  The recommended system of group support follows the 50-30-10-10 plan:

  • 50% to Saint Paul Intergroup
  • 30% to AAWS GSO
  • 10% to Southern Minnesota Area Assembly
  • 10% to District Committee

Individual Contributions: Many individual AA members provide financial support to Intergroup.  While all individual contributions are welcomed, two plans have worked well for many members.

Faithful Fivers: Individual members contribute a minimum of $5.00 each month.  A variation of this plan is the "double nickel" – a contribution of $10.00 each month.  Many members realize that they spent many times this amount each month on drinking.  If you can contribute, please send payments with this mail-in form, or use the form to create a set-it-and-forget-it recurring charge on your debit or credit card so you can support intergroup with having to remember to write a check.

Birthday Plan: Each year some individual members contribute a minimum of $1.00 per year of sobriety on their AA "birthday" or on the occasion of Gratitude Night, held each November.  Such a plan both supports Intergroup and recognizes their growing gift of sobriety.

Personal Participation: Volunteers do much of Intergroup's work.  The contribution of time and effort is crucial to the continued survival of the Central Office.