What is intergroup?

Some Typical Misconceptions

Here is a list of things that AA IS NOT and DOES NOT DO:

  • IS NOT a religious organization.
  • IS NOT a temperance movement.
  • IS NOT an educational agency and does not engage in education about alcoholism.
  • IS NOT a cure or a "cure all."
  • DOES NOT solicit members or provide initial motivation for alcoholics to recover.
  • DOES NOT engage in or sponsor research.
  • DOES NOT follow up or try to control its members or keep attendance records or case histories.
  • DOES NOT join "councils" of social agencies.
  • DOES NOT provide any treatment for alcoholism, provide drying-out or nursing services, hospitalization, drugs, or make medical or psychological diagnoses.
  • DOES NOT provide housing, food, jobs, money, transportation, domestic or vocational counseling, or offer any other welfare or social services.
  • DOES NOT provide letters of reference to parole boards, lawyers, court officials, schools, businesses, social agencies, employers, or any other organization or institution.
  • DOES NOT accept any money for its services or accept contributions from non-AA sources.