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Count of meetings by format attributes.  These meetings are not totaled because meetings may have one or more of these attributes associated with them.

Name Directory
Description Count
12 & 12TTRead and discuss a part of the book 'Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions'89
ABSIABRead and discuss a part of the book 'As Bill Sees It'9
Big BookBBRead and discuss a part of the book 'Alcoholics Anonymous'186
CallupCUThe meeting leader asks people in the group to share3
DiscussionDIDiscussion about the Alcoholics Anonymous program127
LiteratureLIStudy of Alcoholics Anonymous conference approved literature other than the Big Book or 12 & 123
OrientationOROrientation/Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous for the newcomer or beginner14
PreventionRERelapse prevention3
PrinciplesPRDiscusson on the principles of the program4
ProblemPSProblem Solving1
ServiceSVNOT A RECOVERY MEETING. General Service or Intergroup Service meeting.7
SpeakerSRHear the experience, strength and hope of another alcoholic63
StepSSDiscussion on one of the Twelve Steps352
TopicTODiscussion on a topic of interest to the group120
TraditionTRDiscussion on one of the Twelve Traditions15


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