Night Owl Program

Regular shifts

Sunday9:00 AMSunday2:00 PMNight Owl1
Sunday2:00 PMSunday7:00 PMNight Owl2
Sunday7:00 PMMonday6:00 AMIntergroup Board3
Monday6:00 AMMonday9:00 AMNight Owl4
Monday9:00 AMMonday5:30 PMIntergroup Office5
Monday5:30 PMMonday10:00 PMNight Owl6
Monday10:00 PMTuesday6:00 AMNight Owl7
Tuesday6:00 AMTuesday9:00 AMNight Owl8
Tuesday9:00 AMTuesday5:30 PMIntergroup Office9
Tuesday5:30 PMTuesday10:00 PMNight Owl10
Tuesday10:00 PMWednesday6:00 AMNight Owl11
Wednesday6:00 AMWednesday9:00 AMNight Owl12
Wednesday9:00 AMWednesday5:30 PMIntergroup Office13
Wednesday5:30 PMWednesday10:00 PMNight Owl14
Wednesday10:00 PMThursday6:00 AMNight Owl15
Thursday6:00 AMThursday9:00 AMNight Owl16
Thursday9:00 AMThursday5:30 PMIntergroup Office17
Thursday5:30 PMThursday10:00 PMNight Owl18
Thursday10:00 PMFriday6:00 AMNight Owl19
Friday6:00 AMFriday9:00 AMNight Owl20
Friday9:00 AMFriday5:30 PMIntergroup Office21
Friday5:30 PMFriday10:00 PMNight Owl22
Friday10:00 PMSaturday9:00 AMNight Owl23
Saturday9:00 AMSaturday2:00 PMNight Owl24
Saturday2:00 PMSaturday7:00 PMNight Owl25
Saturday7:00 PMSunday9:00 AMNight Owl26


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Intergroup board elections are on Tuesday, November 21st during the monthly Intergroup Council Meeting.  Make sure your group has a voice and sent your Intergroup rep to the election!

Need help?

You can reach a recovering alcoholic any minute of any day by calling

+1 (651) 227-5502


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There are 2 recurring monthly Night Owl shifts open.  If you or your group can be of service, please call the office.

There are 14 service opportunities.  See all current opportunities.