Group Outreach

Outreach list

This list shows when each group was last visited by a member of the outreach committee:

PhoneNumber of
Last Visit
456The Optimist Crew12010-08-01
44711th Step Moon Roof Group12010-08-24
467Serious Sober People (SSP)12011-02-14
294Pages of Wisdom12011-10-16
482Hampden Park Group12011-10-28
298January 6th Group12012-02-27
9We Care AA22012-02-27
11White Bear Women's Wed. AM AA12012-02-27
105Children of Chaos Plus12012-02-27
184Outright Mental Defectives (OMD)22012-02-27
4Van Buren AA12012-02-27
7Hope in the Wilderness12012-07-24
491The Reality Check12012-08-23
205South Saint Paul AA+1 (651) 451-2402112012-09-18
92Seniors AA12012-09-18
255Monday Night Gratitude Group12012-10-16
416Lindstrom Lakes Group22012-10-16
428The Ringmasters12012-10-16
56A Vision 4 U12012-10-16
90Survivor Group12012-10-16
161Live & Let Live AA12012-10-16
373Saturday Morning Serenity Group12012-10-16
438Wednesday Beginners Group12012-10-16
120Cottage Grove AA+1 (651) 459-6379172012-10-16
12Woodbury Serenity Sisters12012-10-16
99Hope Tuesday Night AA12012-10-16
27311th Step Meditation Meeting12012-10-16
382Spiritual Principles12012-10-16
445We Agnostics of Uptown12012-10-16
145Hastings AA+1 (651) 437-9614152012-10-16
55Faribault Groups72012-10-16
332Day by Day Women's Group12012-10-16
46511 West Bernard Group12012-10-16
166Maplewood AA+1 (651) 777-0405352012-10-16
163Fairmount Monday Night AA12012-10-16
9612 And 12 By The Book12012-10-16
478The Lunacy Commission12012-10-16
485The Promises Meeting12012-10-16
117Cliffhangers III12012-10-16
134Amazing Grace Group12012-10-16
353Oakdale Thursday AA12012-10-16
220Sunnyside AA12012-10-16
270Messiah Moundsview AA12012-10-16
155Lake Elmo AA12012-10-16
364Lakeville II32012-10-16
479Keep It Simple12012-10-16
315Sisters of Serenity12012-10-16
186Our Savior AA12012-10-16
369Gratitude in Action12012-10-16
462The Three R's Group12012-10-16
63Center Group12012-10-16
82Defogged Men's Group22012-10-16
487Living Sober - Maplewood12012-10-16
227Union Gospel Mission AA12012-10-16
378Fairmount Group12012-10-16
443Serenity Group II12012-10-16
131Forest Lake AA Groups+1 (651) 464-9906242012-10-16
112Centennial AA12012-10-16
179Oakdale AA22012-10-16
158Lakeville Group12012-10-16
6WBL Redeemer AA12012-10-16
70Hastings Friends of Bill W.12012-10-16
178Northwestern AA, "The White House"+1 (651) 771-2941132012-10-16
175North Hamline AA12012-10-16
128Fellowship AA12012-10-16
403The Grind12012-10-16
208Saint Anthony Park AA12012-10-16
244Primary Purpose12012-10-16
204Shoreview 12&12 AA+1 (651) 308-548712012-10-16
361Men's Problems & Solutions12012-10-16
413Pathways to Peace12012-10-16
271Silver Lake Group12012-10-16
173North Branch Community Groups22012-10-16
38Mendota AA Groups22012-10-16
366Saint Joseph Group12012-10-16
10West End AA+1 (651) 224-6451162012-10-16
136Fuente de Vida AA72012-10-16
492First Things First12012-10-16
196River Rats12012-10-16
177North Road AA12012-10-16
14Apple Valley Big Book12012-10-16
103Basic Text AA+1 (651) 470-295512012-10-16
277Thursday Big Book Study Group12012-10-16
316On Awakening II22012-10-16
384Oasis Group82012-10-16
3Valley Step AA12012-10-16
50Hour of Power12012-10-16
336The Pilgrim Group12012-10-16
466Joy of Living12012-10-16
168Midway AA+1 (651) 645-4005372012-10-16
165Main Idea AA202012-10-16
152Hugo AA22012-10-16
22Short Stories AA12012-10-16
401Hudson Alano+1 (715) 386-2932162012-10-16
490Cawfee Tawk12012-10-16
194Ridge Runners III AA12012-10-16
119Como Park Big Book Study12012-10-16
135Friends In Recovery22012-10-16
223Third Edition AA12012-10-16
284Vadnais Heights Tuesday Night AA12012-10-16
156Lakeland AA12012-10-16
365Forest Lake Women's Group12012-10-16
379White Bear 96 Group12012-10-16
25Unity Service Recovery Eagan AA12012-10-16
30Roseville Wednesday Night AA12012-10-16
192Ridge Runners I AA12012-10-16
357Line by Line12012-10-16
370The Firing Line12012-10-16
108Eagan Burnsville Savage AA92012-10-16
83Living Sober12012-10-16
245Meeting of the Waters12012-10-16
275Amigo's III12012-10-16
381Stories Group12012-10-16
143Happy Joyous & Free AA12012-10-16
113Christ Lutheran Church AA12012-10-16
276Woodbury Wed. Noon Step Study12012-10-16
61Serenity Group12012-10-16
331Just For Today Women's AA12012-10-16
386Hole in the Doughnut Group12012-10-16
455This Simple Program12012-10-16
159Lindström AA22012-10-16
160Happy Hour AA12012-10-16
144Harbor Lights AA12012-10-16
8White Bear Lake Area AA12012-10-16
76Friday Night Women's AA12012-10-16
395Jump Start 12 & 1212012-10-16
181Oakdale - Woodbury AA22012-10-16
197Rivertown Big Book AA12012-10-16
188Prior Lake/Burnsville AA12012-10-16
351Pocketing Our Pride12012-10-16
404A Baffled Lot12012-10-16
200Roseville Centennial AA12012-10-16
219Summit Hill AA12012-10-16
333Stillwater Morning Groups52012-10-16
138Center City Big Book Study12012-10-16
362White Bear Women's Group12012-10-16
229Uptown AA+1 (651) 698-9042342012-10-16
125Eastside AA82012-10-16
174North Dale AA12012-10-16
367New Brighton Big Book Study Group12012-10-16
436Better Late Than Never12012-10-16
60Sunday Big Book12012-10-16
193Ridge Runners II AA Group12012-10-16
440Senior AA12012-10-16
124Downtown AA+1 (651) 222-6536332012-10-16
19Apple Valley Women's AA12012-10-16
111Cedar Cliff AA12012-10-16
218Stillwater West End AA12012-10-16
320No Time Like the Present12012-10-16
457Big Book Awakening12012-10-16
153Island Lake AA12012-10-16
130Forest Lake 12 & 1212012-10-16
58Friday Big Book12012-10-16
338Happy Hour 12 & 1212012-10-16
391A Vision For You12012-10-16
170New Brighton AA+1 (763) 717-9196152012-10-16
164Mahtomedi AA12012-10-16
198Rivertown AA22012-10-16
226Tuesday Nighters12012-10-16
132Fourth Dimension12012-10-16
150Hillside Group12012-10-16
494Into Action II12012-10-23
495There is a Solution II12012-10-23
498Wednesday Night 12x1212012-12-12
499Windriders Group12013-02-02
501Una Luz en el Camino72013-03-01
504Prior Avenue AA12013-04-11
62Third Tradition Group32013-04-21
98Apollo's Phoenix Group+1 (651) 249-831612013-04-24
475Sunday BBQ Meeting12013-05-01
505Happy, Joyous and Free II12013-05-06
460Upon Awakening Men's Big Book Group12013-08-18
508Lakers Alano122013-09-06
509Victims of Delusion12013-10-03
513There Is A Solution III12013-11-03
512Gopher AA12013-11-03
340Friday Open Big Book Study12013-11-12
514Friendship AA12013-11-21
516Safe Haven Women's Group12013-12-24
517How We Know It Works Group12013-12-24
519We Think Not12014-01-25
520Gawlin Minikwe12014-01-25
521SOS: Sharing Our Sobriety12014-01-25
523Up In Smoke12014-03-15
525Element AA12014-03-15
206South Suburban AA12014-03-24
393Ship of Fools Group12014-04-19
526Saint Patrick's of IGH Group12014-04-30
409Roll of Nickels Group22014-05-20
528A Way Out12014-07-06
531Friday Friends12014-11-20
534Eagan Wednesday Night Group12015-01-17
231Cover to Cover+1 (651) 645-400512015-01-17
210Little Canada Wednesday Night12015-01-23
71Widening Circle12015-02-11
532Cannon Falls Group32015-02-17
17Weekend Jumpstart II12015-02-26
148Lakeview AA22015-03-12
535Como Avenue Step and Topic12015-03-23
536Next Right Thing Group12015-03-31
216Saint Stephen's AA12015-04-14
537Solid Ground AA Group12015-04-30
212Students of Life12015-05-15
538Came to Believe12015-05-15
527Rule 62 Step and Tradition Group12015-05-21
539God Squad North12015-06-24
122Day By Dei12015-07-07
1Valley Creek AA22015-07-07
246Fireside Women's Groups22015-07-07
121Dakota AA & River Hills AA+1 (651) 452-2921162015-07-07
199Rosemount AA102015-07-18
201The Way Out - Senior Recovery+1 (651) 773-047312015-08-04
209Saint Croix Valley AA+1 (651) 439-5039172015-08-04
542Senior Recovery AA22015-09-20
541Saint Paul Open Speaker Meeting12015-09-20
400Recovery Speaker Meeting12015-10-30
127Farmington AA42015-10-30
414University AA Group12015-10-30
207Saint Anne's AA12015-10-30
407East Lake LOL Group12015-11-04
149Highland Park AA132015-11-04
129Flying Blind12015-11-08
305Daily Reflections Women's Group12015-11-11
544Jaywalkers Step Group12015-11-14
399Nuevo Amanecer62015-11-14
190Red Wing AA12015-11-22
545A New Found Freedom12015-11-28
115City Steps12015-12-01
118Club 84 AA12015-12-01
48Primary Purpose AA52015-12-02
412The Book Club12015-12-02
89Grover's AA12015-12-03
133Fresh Air AA12015-12-03
81Step Sisters of Northfield22015-12-05
211Saint Luke AA12015-12-06
377Harris Group12015-12-09
242Happy Hour Mens AA Meeting12015-12-10
418Circle-Lex Group12015-12-10
64Cornerstone Group22015-12-16
546Soberfish+1 (612) 801-016712015-12-19
549We Can12015-12-22
550Fellowship Talking Circle12015-12-22
548Shivering Denizens12015-12-22
347Talking Circle Group12015-12-22
40Steps by the Lake12016-01-07
551Arch to Freedom12016-01-21
553Gratitude in Action Speaker Meeting12016-01-21
555Saint Paul Park AA12016-02-23
557There is a Better Way12016-03-14
558Red Wing/Clay City AA651-380-8352112016-06-13
560Steps to Freedom Big Book12016-06-25
561A New Day12016-07-04
562The Unity Group12016-07-30
564Middleton Big Book Study12016-08-14
459The Broad Highway Big Book Study12016-08-14
437Community of Hope+1 (952) 898-155242016-08-26
565Halfway There12016-08-30
568One More was Added to the Fellowship12016-10-17
571Saturday Morning Treats12016-11-11
570Friday Night Oasis12016-11-11
572Simple Solution12016-12-04
577Promises Promises12017-02-25
576Uncommon Sense22017-02-25
578Break it Down Big Book12017-03-12
579Primary Purpose Group22017-03-12
295Basic Text Women's Group12017-03-13
34Women's 12 by 12 Study Group12017-03-13
352Look to This Day12017-03-13
493Easy Does It12017-03-13
297I Am Responsible12017-04-07
581Tuesday 12x12 @ 6pm12017-04-10
584Dresser AA12017-05-18
583Osceola AA12017-05-18
585Saturday Morning WBL Women's Meeting12017-05-18
586Old Dogs; New Tricks12017-06-27


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